Wall Treatment of Scribbles and Scrawls Speaks Volumes of Almost Accidental Design

January 23, 2012

Scribbles and prose as graphic backdrop

Habana – Cuba that is…reconstructed  elsewhere in the bars of Bogedita del Medio and the resulting fantastic feel that is created by the once unconscious  lexis of ultimately decorative elements that are the walls of words and markings. Graffiti you say? Yes, after a manner. It is an atmosphere of festivity – an interior that speaks of layers of revelers enjoying the music and mojitos. Yet it all blends into a graphic design that is exceptionally unique and interesting.

Salsa – dancing and flavors. The complexity that is found in the movements and ingredients -pairing the dance and the food – both are spicy – and the scene is warm and energized.  These walls of markings, names and poems, tributes and proclamations are a backdrop of expressions from layers over years.

When else might this work? I’m fascinated by the effectiveness of this design treatment – a celebration of reactions, emotions and personalities all marked for everyone to see. Bold or meek, artful or mere blocks the styles speak with the words.

Perhaps the free-form walls of a child’s playroom – if isolated to these wall and not the whole house…it affords a huge blackboard – chalkless board for freedom of expression. For adults perhaps a party room might invite this kind of signature expression – layers of good times recorded on the walls – texture and design in an all-over pattern of script, lettering, lines and figures.

I like it a lot. I thoroughly enjoyed the scene and wanted to share the possibilities for this unusually free-form treatment in your interior design.


One Response to “Wall Treatment of Scribbles and Scrawls Speaks Volumes of Almost Accidental Design”

  1. Pat Forbes Says:

    Wow! Love it! The scribbles make a wonderful patina–one would have to have lots of parties to get the look.

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