Intimate Love Treasures Had Me Arrested in My Tracks

February 9, 2012

I love the surprise and adventure of finding artistic treasures on my travels. Bringing a select few back to share is part of the fun!
I stood facing the marina surrounded by lush mangroves, soft jazz and bacon wafting through the air. The atmosphere was particularly fresh, the sky was oh so blue, and the water was like glass reflecting the boat hulls tethered at the slips and along the dock. It was a perfect temperature, not too hot – just right. The artists gathered in Front of Estudio Café in Nuevo Vallarta for their ritual Saturday morning art fair and breakfast gathering. Fresh slow food is prepared at a delightful exhibition kitchen where all the action is unfolding right before your eyes. The freshest ingredients, fresh squeezed orange juice, bountiful beverages with spinach, carrot and other fruits and veggies appear in tall spotless glasses of green refreshment and rejuvenation – the perfect antidote to the tequila of the previous night’s indulgences.
I met a charming and incredibly talented glass artist there. Estela Herrera creates architectural pieces – to incorporate into the structure, powerful free-standing sculptures and these fabulously whimsical, sentimental hearts. The manageable scale of these intimate love treasures had me arrested in my tracks. What looked raw and almost tribal adornments – became fun and refined upon closer inspection. The lovely leather with glass hearts – screamed celebration of love and joy!
Dangling from generous lengths of soft, pliable leather, these glass pendants speak volumes. Further adorned with crystal, brass and silver beads the stands of leather of Estela’s heart-throb necklaces have an elegantly bohemian quality that transition from the most formal to the easy jeans and cut-off beach garb. Whether relaxed or decked to the nines, these translucent gems will bring peace, love and joy to all who wear them and everyone who sees them passionately wrapped around the privileged neck of a select few.
Unveiled today – I only brought 10 back from this last escapade into tropics south of our border. I hope to select more in the future – but as Valentine’s Day approaches – these will be sure to make a singular statement – no two are alike – for your special Valentine. Call us at 505 242-7646 or email for more information and individual photos of available pieces.


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