The Fine Art of the Towel Sculpture

February 11, 2012


It might be too much for YOUR bathroom…but these towel art sculptures are amazing! Here, as we approach Valentine’s Day I have seen so many lovey dovey things lately and these smooching swans bedecked with floribunda were the bomb!

The art of folding bath towels, hand and face cloths into whimsical animals has been a tropical tradition for many years. The novelty of finding one of these remarkable creations on your bed when you return to your room or perched on the vanity counter always brings a smile.

Where do they give these classes? Can they even be found outside the housekeeping departments of fine hotels? I’m convinced that it’s a secret club that has mastered the art of the origami of terrycloth. We mere mortals can only dream of creating something so magnificent from something so mundane. Who was the first and what did they create? It is now a contest for who can fashion the most outstanding example of the art form.

I think that its best left to those professional hospitality towel manipulators rather than the rest of us attempting such feats and frustrating ourselves while wrestling with the bath linens to no avail.


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