Sgourakis’ NOOK Chair Catches Dreams

April 3, 2012


Australian designer Henry Sgourakis has created the NOOK chair and I couldn’t help but recognize the woven elements of our Native American dream-catchers! It is believed that dreams that people have while sleeping, are sent by sacred spirits as special messages. According to their Legend, the hole in the center of the Dream Catcher is the pathway through which good dreams are permitted to reach the sleeper. As for the bad dreams, the web “catches” them and they disappear with the first light of dawn. Some believers try to determine what messages are being passed onto them and what the messages represent. Perhaps unknowingly, Sgourakis dreamed of this message and has captured an ancient web of comfort for the design of his chair – as he says of his design “In a world where technology seems to almost dictate our existence and when our childhood feels like a different lifetime, it is important to me to remember the past and carry those memories into the future, the beauty of this hand-crafted piece does just that.”

ImageNative American dream-catcher


Detail of the NOOK chair


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