A Gaggle of Girlfriends Gathered…

December 16, 2012

What a great idea – so great, I’m stealing it! A ScaRf EXchAnGe!!! A little whacky, fun and practical too!  A gaggle of girlfriends gathered in San Diego to have cocktails and a gift exchange -the theme was scarves! At PATRICIAN DESIGN we have several talented fiber artists nestled in the mountains of New Mexico who make exquisite one-of-a kind scarves. Many people are exploring the craft stores for DIY ideas to make their own. In any case, gift exchanges are fun and with a theme like this is focuses the idea  and expectations– making it a bit easier to decide what to get and know that everyone can always use a pretty scarf!  Decorative, wearable art!  http://www.patriciandesign.com/retail/new_products.html



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