Art and Design in Nature

October 17, 2015

A spontaneous decision to play hooky Friday morning and hike with a friend for the second time in a week up an invigorating 8 mile trail that climbs about 2,000+ vertical feet was once again spectacular. I am always inspired and rejuvenated – finding beauty along the familiar path – hiking up the La Luz trail of the Sandia. Every turn offers a scene of unbelievable beauty, 20151002_105521expansive vistas, towering peaks, massive walls of granite and dense growth of trees and forest. The aspen are turning. Upon closer inspection the intimate beauty underfoot is equally stunning with intense color and pattern.

The warm air comes.

The leaf sprouts and opens and grows green.

The tree reaches skyward and the leaves shimmy in the breeze.

The tree bends and sways.

The leaves flip and cling.

The air chills.

The leaves turn golden.

The tree releases the leaves.

The leaves fall to the ground.

The tree is surrounded by the fallen leaves.

The leaves turn pewter dark.

Their scattered pattern is beautiful.

Inspiration for a printed fabric or a woven textile?

A painting perhaps?

There is so much art and design in nature,

with which to be inspired.20151002_114440


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