Random Colors in Nature’s Eggs

November 21, 2015


When I opened this cartoon of eggs given to us by friends the other night fresh from their chicken coop, I was amazed by the soft rich color combination that  burst forth.  And color is so a part of my design sensitivity that anytime I encounter an unexpected scheme, the inspiration is incredibly stimulating. So much so in this case that I created today’s story!  20151114_085947

My friends have a ridiculously chic chicken coop.  By that I mean being beautifully white-washed and accessorized including having a crystal chandelier complete with a dimmer—for the rooster and his women to “get into the mood.” chandalier in coop

I might have thought that this contributed to the glorious soft colors that they produced—mood colors…but I actually do know better. I know that it is the breed that produces the color of the shells and not eating carrots for peachy/orange shades or leafy greens for the soft aqua and celadon tones.

These colors though—grouped all together in this random collection, looked like intentionally dyed Easter eggs. The artist of this collection was nature and random selection of hens and collection of eggs and unconscious placement in the carton. I did not rearrange them and they did not arrange them in advance of sending them home with us. It is truly random beauty created by nature. 20151114_085930

Meet Handsome Boy the rooster of this coop. rooster  His women are a fine group of chicks named simply Hello Ladies as that is how they are collectively greeted daily.  hens in coop  They represent the breeds Ameraucanas which produces the green/blue series, Buffs Orpington for  peachy/light brown and Wyandotte for the darker orange brown shell shades. The combination is a color scheme that is so wonderfully balanced with complimentary opposites that it is one of pleasing perfection.

Here are a few color cards from a Benjamin Moore fan-deck of paint colors that represent the range of  complimentary hues and soft values in this earthen clay-like warm palette paired with and balanced by the cool water and flora reminiscent shades.  20151115_125439

Upon closer inspection, the range of tones from these cards closes in on the soft colors of the egg shells.


Nature’s random beauty translated by the design-eye into paint colors and fabric samples for an inspired interior design. fabric 20151121_075630_resized





4 Responses to “Random Colors in Nature’s Eggs”

  1. Timothy Price Says:

    Great colors! Who would ever think of chickens producing designer eggs?

  2. Susan Says:

    Lovely! And so me now since I’ve been on the paleo diet!

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