Millenials Setting & Drivng Market & Trends

March 5, 2016

The conversation about the lifestyles or preferred lifestyles of today’s millennials is leading trends from real estate and development to interior design.  The vocalization of the desires and needs is an enormous help to the market on all fronts. Rather than the market trends guessing about and driving the consumers – the consumers are speaking out and driving the trends.

I guess I’m not hearing anything new though. It seems that 30 years ago the wishes were similar- but there was no conduit to express the collective ideas and preferences.  Upon graduation the want to stay connected to your peers, be close to bars and restaurants and fun shops was certainly a desire…but there was no platform to express those would-be market-driving desirable features.   But what is happening is that the voice is more audible  and the markets are responding . It’s an obvious result attributable  to social media – fast, accessible voices sharing and communing about their lives and their dreams.  Generation Y is telling everyone what will work for them and if you want their business – provide the products.   After all, they ARE the Net Generation – living, eating and breathing  and influencing all that bombards the screens from wrist watches to full mega monitors. The power of the internet.

Small Living Room Zen Design

They search and pin, collecting ideas and forming concepts about their interiors. Whether these interiors are in tiny urban condos or trendy lofts, suburban apartments or affordable houses,  the trends are voiced. They prefer open plans, creative space-utilization, LED lighting, and all things tied to flat screen technology. But remember, there are practical things to consider in these millennial trim modern-rustic-3

When in a multi-unit building, rules apply – like certain percentages of flooring must be covered. Sound transmittance of hard surfaces must be minimized. This is true of other noise restrictions. Some places will not allow storage in parking spaces – which makes space-utilization all the more critical. Nor will they allow pets.

But the communal nature of this density housing is also great common areas to work and play. Office-like rooms for those who work from home but don’t want to be isolated in their unit. Swimming pools and workout rooms…lots of amenities – lots of style. open plan cucina-Orange-Evolution-32

This subject of interior design style for the millennials will continue next week…ideas and examples!



3 Responses to “Millenials Setting & Drivng Market & Trends”

  1. Marilyn Says:

    Nice Patti. I’d love to go modern 😊

  2. japonicanyc Says:

    I’d love to find a milennial with money….I am 27 and most of the people I know can only dream of really “decorating”….then again, there are people my age who have lot’s of money. Or don’t live in nyc, so therefore have more money to spend

    • pattisays Says:

      Thank you for your comment! This is true of many pockets across the country…if the jobs pay well, the cost of living is high too…in lesser dynamic areas, the salaries might be lower but then so are the living costs. Yes, the trick is to live in a place where your salary is higher than your cost of living so you can have a little spending money – what a concept – right? Move to Albuquerque!!! But what is interesting here and what I was noting is that millennials have this unique voice via social media that is driving creative ideas for developers…and also the design field. Designers can guide, recommend, assist with even seemingly non-existent budgets for as little as an hour of consultation to add pizzazz with furniture arrangement, ideas for re-purposing pieces, space-utilization, color…not necessarily expensive solutions. All design is relative to the parameters of the client – budget, existing conditions, context…So if you want to jazz-up even a modest studio space – the right designer can bring cost-effective ideas and solutions quickly and effectively.

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