Millennial Style – There Really Are NO RULES!

March 12, 2016

Style gets a nod from this generation – but quality often does not.  Making investments in material objects is not necessarily  a priority for the long term of this disposable generation’s mind-set.  Interior design elements are clever and repurposed, with what I appreciate are fun new names for those re-purposed things…like a “barmoire” – what a riot – all those TV cabinets and armoires now dinosaurs can be great dry-bars!!! Porque no?


The funny thing is that I did one not long ago that was actually intended to be a bar console thing from the 70s – not originally an armoire – the flip-top console was functional but dated and tucked off in a corner all closed-up and wasting its potential. The resulting new scene with newly painted cinnamon back-drop and client’s’ own decorative accessories…(he dashed out and bought the mirror and shelves at Target while we rearranged)  looked so Trader Vic when we finished that it seemed to validate a re-purpose of a piece that was dated and yet had a combo retro/to-the fore purpose – get that?  Re-do Robert's house trader vic's bar 007

Well, I’m getting it…and so are all the millennials…they get it. IT is that we are entering a whole new design realm that services and responds to the needs and desires of a new articulate, inventive generation. It is fun and creative, sleek yet eclectic – clean meets ornate – and there really are NO Rules!

It appears as though this new group/generation recognizes the art, style and joy of the best of the best.  With that comes fantastic design opportunities to gather, discover, pair and meld disparate elements… while all the while, watching their budget, making the most of what they have available and being incredibly creative. It’s as though they have the silver spoon, desire for the best and can’t always get there and therefore strive to creatively achieve a suitable facsimile. smsall apt AQ Unit 2014 11 01 pr[1]

I had a reply last week that bemoaned the fact that most of her peers of this generation did not have the discretionary income to “decorate.” Primarily, from her position, they lived in major metropolises (specifically NYC) where the cost of living was astronomical – but this speaks to the creative aspect of this generation’s eclecticism.  decorating-ideas-for-small-condo-spaces-300x180

Creativity is the key  to EVERYTHING. It’s not always sexy…it is sometimes painfully tedious and practical. But think about it. Regardless of your place on this planet, creativity will elevate your position. I digress.

Today we have so much access to ideas on TV, internet, magazines, DIY at every turn..but it is still a challenge if not daunting to know where to start, what to assemble, and how to group things.  Used too be that clipping magazine photos was the start of planning a design project – it still can be – in addition to pinning it and filing in digital folders…whatever your method or combination thereof, gathering ideas about what you like is the start. interior pink-wave-6-jpg

I do what I do because I LOVE what I do and the idea is that making someone’s space better for them if not incredible for them is the goal. I told a couple tonight as we discussed the options for remodeling their kitchen, “You have me here for a reason.” They laughed and agreed. I either bring something entirely new to the discussion,  referee or break a tie – but the service serves a greater purpose and that is to enhance the environment, solve a problem,  save unneeded expenses or redirect the budget for the better…all resulting in good design decisions!

sheves maxresdefaultDIY is inspirational and fun! The ideas and instructions flooding the internet and TV networks are endless  – but it still means that having guidance to decide what to do with what and which to pick and pair – the consultation is how you distill the choices. DIY

At the expense of sounding like a sales pitch, buy an hour with a well-vetted interior designer. Do your research and see what you can accomplish in that singular consultation. It’s an investment in the quality of your life, the best use of your possessions and the directive as to how to move forward with the process.

Creativity in design spans so many disciplines. To benefit from these creative exercises, retaining the services of an interior designer is key. EVERYONE has a certain sense of what they regard as adequate if not a stellar design sense. HOWEVER, if you get into an evaluation/consultation with a practiced interior designer, you will reap the benefits – just like you might from a creative and smart tax consultant!

Funny that I make this analogy. Its nearing the tax-time deadline, so find those bonus dollars in your return and see how much you will gain from a smart design consultation to bring your special space to the place that brings you bliss.







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