Fear of Artistic Self-Expression

May 14, 2016

Fear of entering the world of artistic expression. The pressure to perform. The pressure to create something worth the exercise. Many people will not take that leap and experiment with their creativity due to undue self-imposed pressures. Are YOU one of those people?

NIKE says “Just Do It!” What a simple yet powerfully motivating mantra!

All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. Pablo Picasso
picasso 20151105182332-picasso-art-artist-pablo

How many times have you witnessed or even thought this yourself? The common reaction to expressive, primitive art or art that deconstructs to simplicity is often “I could do that.” The style belies the complexity of the mind that created it – it belies the creativity of the artist behind the work – it belies the significance of the work.

Anyone who has tried to emulate a seemingly simple rendering of an image knows that it is not as easy as it seems. And the seemingly simple image is usually NOT that simple. Texture, color, detail or lack thereof, not to mention control of the composition, is deceptively difficult.

As Picasso explored his artistic imperatives, he experimented with what he knew as formal renderings ultimately deconstructed and manipulated to convey different perspectives and interpretations of his subject matter during different periods of his life experiences. Composition, color, manipulation of reality – artistic interpretation. Easy peasy? – not so easy.


But it is not about copying anyway. That has been touched on in my previous blog about The Art Forger. It is about the spontaneity or the planned conception and evolution of the original piece. The spark of creativity and ability to express it – in whatever medium.


Rachel Housman paints fanciful interpretations of landscapes of the southwest.

And it’s also not only about great, recognized art – but anything that is expressed by the individual – it is that connection that is the magic behind one’s view of the world. A reflection of their thoughts and experiences and desires.

I surmise that is it about allowing yourself the freedom to keep it simple. Not to over-work it. Like a child – as Picasso references…just keep it simple for starters. Distill whatever it is you want to express…pare it down.

Peggy Zuris painted passionate interpretations of the world around her. Bold colors and brushstrokes applied swiftly with a purpose. Michelle Chrisman sees the world with similarly bold strokes and exciting colors applied with great artistic expression.

A human being is essentially a spiritual eye. Whatever you really see, you are that. Rumi

Artistic expression is an extension of the person – it is a reflection of their being – who they are. And the great fun and joy derived from having a gallery and presenting various art pieces to the public is knowing the artists behind the work. Not to mention it is a happy place to be surrounded by joyful expressions that make you smile.


Virgin de Zapopan Acrylic on Canvvas Caresse Kruithof de Chavez




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