ART on the Curb

October 15, 2016

Silly little doodles in unlikely places. In some cases they might be considered undesirable graffiti, but I stepped over this beautiful little statement the other day and was compelled to take a photo as it made me smile.20160924_112705

Brush strokes now weathered and faded, chipped and primitive in their simplicity the colors were so pleasing and the floral motif quite nice.

It’s as though a child with a beginner’s eye took a single brush with bold steaks capturing the essence of a daisy. But then it looked like wind-swept clouds dancing in the suggestion of daisies floating across the sky above the sea.

Upon closer inspection, the aggregate stained blue is grounded by a collage of straw and leaf particles suggesting the beach’s detritus. This little composition has so much detail, so much suggestion, so much to offer if you take the time to look down…look closely…



We often see things in clouds…they move slowly morphing from the identifiable image into others or nothing. This miniature fantasy freezes the floating image on the texture of the concrete to create the composition of this most amazing piece.

Inspiration comes from many avenues. It is sparked by a suggestion, ignited in a flash by something in passing – a word, a phrase, an image, a cloud…

I now will start a folder of art in unlikely places…little details…a future tapestry of observations. Take a moment to see these little studies as you step through the world.


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