Let’s get started!

September 19, 2010

In this fast-paced world of multitasking and conflicting priorities, I am starting this blog! It is named after a mantra that I often hear kiddingly from my friends and clients – perhaps suggesting that I have strong opinions. So on this blog I will prompt a dialogue and elicit responses about “living design” while presenting various observations for critique, consideration, solutions and some good humor! As of two days ago I am the proud owner of a new DROID! It talks and echos and all but walks when summoned!! I left the showroom with my emergency purchase (my phone died – absolutely beyond resuscitation), without even knowing how to turn it on once the screen locked. That first day was a bear…this phone is “Incredible” and as I incorrectly referred to it over the phone in one of my many calls to the “help” line – “Intelligent” – to which the representative laughed and corrected me. I however still want to call it Intelligent because, yes, it is incredible – but it is far more intelligent than I and it is now my focused challenge to master it and all of its many Incredibly Intelligent features!! This technology moves so quickly that I’m sure the DROID Incredible – soon to be over-taken by the “X” and who knows what next season – will be the equivalent to a “brick” phone from the late seventies before we can answer the question “What’s a DROID and what does it do?” I’ll keep you posted on my progress with this sexy hand-held companion!


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